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In March 1970, The Devonport Orchid Society was formed. Currently, we have approximately 110 members who meet monthly to show and discuss the culture of Orchids.
The Society has two Shows per year, one is the Spring Show held annually on the first weekend of October, the second show, held in November, is mainly devoted to showing the Australian Sarcochilus, a native orchid of Australia. As you can see from our picture gallery, we grow a variety of Orchids, mostly cool growing, but some members do have heated Orchid Houses as well.
Devonport is situated on the North West Coast of Tasmania, which is the smallest state of Australia. We enjoy a temperate climate on the Coast, with the summer temperatures rarely going above 28 degrees Celsius, Winter Temperatures are around 12-15 degrees Celsius on an average. Bass Straight separates this island State from mainland Australia and we are home port to the Spirit 1 & 2 which travel daily from the mainland port of Melbourne. Both ships carry passengers, cars and cargo.
The Society endeavours to promote the growing and showing of Orchids, and the Conservation of our Native Orchids. Each month, we have a Guest Speaker, either being one of our own growers, or a speaker from the mainland, and encourage growers to join the Society for fellowship and to learn how to grow and show Orchids. We are a very social club, holding Christmas functions and BBQ's throughout the year.
Some of the more popular Orchids we grow are Cymbidiums, Pleiones, Masdevallias, Dendrobiums, Sarcochilus, along with a variety of Hybrid and Species of other genera.
We hope that you enjoy our site, and invite comments and emails from where ever you may be. We would love to hear from you.


Lucky Door Prize
A lucky door prize is awarded to one of the attendees signed into the attendance book at each meeting

Raffle tickets are available with prizes ranging from Orchids to various donated items.

Benching Competition
Society Members bring along their plants and submit them for judging in the appropriate benching classes for their orchids. Separate benching classes exist for Novice Growers.
Monthly judging for the grower owning the "Orchid of the Night".

Cultural Advice
Society Members and guests are encouraged to bring along their plants, or questions, to receive cultural advice from members who have a particular level of expertise in the orchid concerned. In addition Society Members also give mini-cultural Q & A sessions at some meetings.

Guest Lecturers and speakers
Guest speakers from the orchid world come along and give talks about orchids, culture, orchid travels, etc. Some of our guest speakers are very well known and have spoken given presentations to orchidists both locally and nationally.

Member's Library
Members are welcome to borrow orchid books and magazines for a period of one month from our very extensive library. Suggestions and recommendations for the purchase of additional stock are always welcome.


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Orchid of the Month